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The Informationist: A Thriller

The Informationist - Taylor Stevens Wow. This book was so powerful, so gripping, for a while after finishing it I felt jittery.

I've seen the reviews on Goodreads and they are very opposite. You either love it or don't understand what was all the fuss about.

Vanessa, oh, Vanessa! She is a through and through kick ass chick. Ruthless, brilliant, scarred and fighting her own demons. She is a strategist and a tactician, can speak 22 languages and snatch the information out of the air currents. Literally. She is also extremely dangerous and psychotic.

Vanessa is a chameleon and often can be mistaken for her male image - Michael, and that's how she prefers to deal with her clients. Most of them know her as Michael and pay her huge money for her analysis of situation and her information.

Miss Munroe is offered a $5, 000, 000 contract to find a daughter of an oil magnate, the girl who disappeared in Africa 4 years ago, or find out for sure if she is dead. Numerous investigators tried to do it over the years with no result. Vanessa's hire is the last attempt.

Along with a partner Vanessa now goes back to a place where she left legends and superstitions about herself, the place where her demons were better off left undisturbed.
This book gives you a rare view of African continent, its politics, way of life and vicious brutality.

I'm asking myself "Is this what I missed out with not reading Steig Larsson? Is Vanessa really like Lisbeth Salander?" If she is, I MUST read The Millennium Trilogy.

Vanessa is not the heroine you want to miss. I am very much looking forward to a book #2 The Innocent which comes out 27/12/2011