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Perpetual Night

Perpetual Night - Georgina Morales This was a short story, described to me as YA horror, and it did leave me uneasy.

Lilibeth is not a nice character. She starts off as this young vulnerable girl with a wonderful best friend. She is suffering from nightmares and having visions, and her friend decides to help her out by trying to decipher what her dreams are telling her.

He brings a bunch of books (how he got involved into all that, I don't know) which connect Lili to an ancient story of Lilith and Cain, and from that point onwards Lili starts changing. She gets involved in witchcraft and I don't mean in a cute Charmed way, but with very sinister undertones of The Craft movie.

You could see how her character gets more and more selfish. The girl gains powers by claiming her ancestry. She stops caring about her friend and detaches herself from humanity.

This story is very Gothic, and has this old feeling of fear that witchcraft used to create in people who looked into it. Open an old book on witchcraft, and you'd get out of it unease, sense of wrongness, fascination, pain, complete self-absorption and trickery.

Perpetual Night reminded me of this feeling.

There are few frustrating moments in this book, - typos, awkward switches between POVs and lack of development in secondary characters.

However if you a fan of horror genre, you might welcome this short story on a Halloween night. The spookier the better, right?