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Hounded: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book One

Hounded - Kevin Hearne I'm really surprised just how much I liked this book. It's simple, linear, has a strong lead voice and an adorable sidekick - an Irish wolfhound Oberon who has fantastic sense of humor.

Atticus, who looks like an attractive 21 year-old Irish lad in reality is 2100 year-old Druid. Centuries ago he stole an powerful sword from A Celtic god of love, who, let's say, is not a well liked figure among the rest of the Celtic pantheon. To spite him Morrigan, the goddess of battle and war swore not to take Atticus life, and thus he is still alive and running from the vengeful god and his flunkies.

But our Druid is fed up with running, he's got a nice new age shop, couple of friends - a werewolf and a vampire, who coincidentally serve as his lawyers and sparring partners, and a wonderful loyal dog who he taught to speak with him telepathically. So whatever comes next, he is staying.

What follows is a fascinating roller coaster of events, with spiteful witches, horny goddesses and one pissed off ghost...

I absolutely loved it. There is simple logic and purity in this book, wonderful kindness and humor despite the brutal battles which Atticus has to participate in. It's, for the lack of better word, earthy. Atticus is cautious, diplomatic and cunning, just what you expect from someone who lived for that long, and his dog... You have to listen to their conversations!

“You will respect my authori-tah!" Oberon said, in a passable imitation of Eric Cartman. I reminded him that I needed to concentrate. Sometimes dogs forget; they just get too excited.”

“Oh." Oberon looked at me. "I know that has to make you sad. But call to me instead, Atticus. I'll always answer. Your fly has been open all this time, by the way, and Granuaile hasn't said a thing."
"Thanks, buddy", I said silently as I tried to surreptitiously zip up my jeans.
"See? I got your back AND your front. I deserve a treat.”

Also the covers for the whole three books so far are man candy gorgeous, which kind of helps. A lot. :)