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Blood Rights (House of Comarre 1)

Blood Rights - Kristen Painter Egalley thanks to Hachette Book Group
My darling fellow readers, read this book. Buy it. Request it. Borrow from the library. Put it on your wishlist. Because it rocks!

Scrumptious and delicious - that's how I would describe it.

The world is amazing, the characters are extra juicy. There are vampires, comarre, fae, demons, angels, hellspawn, shifters and everything in between. The shining world of Nobility where comar can be bought for 10-20 million euros by their vampire master, and the Underground with illegal fights, drugs and all sorts of debauchery for those who are on the Fringe.

Preternatural creatures live in this secret world separated by the Veil from normal people according to a treaty between angels and demons who keep this Veil up.

So what happens when one evil vampire's quest for destroying the Veil and gaining immense power and one beautiful comarre's search for justice collide? Pure delicious mayhem.

Chrysabelle is breathtaking with her strength, impatience,her changing view of the world and her amazing weaponry. She is one of the secret breed of Comarre who serve as the purest source of powerful blood for those vampires who can afford them. But she is not a victim.

Malkolm is fascinating as well. Cursed vampire with awful reputation and firmly on the Fringe. With his baggage of friends and enemies.

Those two have some powerful sparks flying between them, and the whole team of miscreants works really really well together.

Overall, I'm very impressed and excited about this series and I have to stop myself from more gushing so as not to give you any spoilers.