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Bound by Blood (The Garner Witch Series)

Bound by Blood (The Garner Witch #1) - P.A. Lupton 4.5/5
I can't quite pinpoint why I liked this book so much, but it was such a pleasurable read!

First of all, I suspect P.A. Lupton is a neat freak. *grinning* I was so impressed that the spelling in the book was impeccable. Usually there are so many mistakes in self-published books, and here there was just a couple of accidentally omitted words, and that's it.

Secondly, the book just flows and you sort of go along with the flow. I kept expecting Brianna to mess up, to have a full blown hissy fit, but she stayed reasonable, rational and willing to learn how to live in her new reality.

I greatly admired that. Usually there is always a set back in the book when the main character finds out that their system of beliefs is skewed, and you sort of expect it. Nothing like this happens here.

Brianna, a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Brianna is a psychic or more correctly, - an Empath who works for FBI and keeps her ability in secret. She transfers to Denver and gets involved with a serial killer investigation where every victim has an uncanny resemblance to her.

The investigation brings her to Nathan Donovan, an owner of private security business, a witch and a vampire. Nathan and Brianna are attracted to each other and she doesn't suspect who he is until his own investigation uncovers Brianna's roots and that she is in danger from the killer.

Nathan is forced to tell Brianna the truth about her and himself and start working with her on the identity of the killer. He also begins training her in her abilities.

They spar, they experiment with spells together and make love like crazy until the killer makes his move. Now it will take everything Brianna's learnt to win the fight for her life.

Nathan and Brianna make for a wonderful couple, they are attuned to each other and they make each other stronger. Even Brianna's partner at work, agent Morrison when he gets involved brings an invaluable help into the investigation.

Yes, as I said there are no setbacks of rage and disbelief. Although some evil guys are easily recognisable.

The end made me do a girly squee. Loved it. Go, go, Brianna! Well done!

The bad boys of the Council were also very promising, especially Lucius with his tattoos and piercings... Yum. Sign me up for a book about him *wink*

So, if you want a cosy read without the usual frustration, this is it. This is a paranormal romance crossing into UF, evenly paced and with much potential.