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A Touch of Crimson: A Renegade Angels Novel

A Touch of Crimson - Sylvia Day 3.5/5
When I heard that Sylvia Day wrote a book about the world which I got acquainted with through her Marked series I had a huge SQUEE moment. Seriously, guys, I loved her Marked series and was very sad when Tor decided to discontinue them.

This review comes way too early as the book will only be published in the beginning of October, but I simply couldn't wait.

Having said all that, I was disappointed. The sex was hot (Sylvia does write it very well), certain characters were very intriguing but overall it felt like a messy rough plot. Too many loose ends, too many plot bunnies, it's all rushed and contradicting. It was driving me mad...

Vampires and Fallen are evil? Not, they are not evil and live their perfectly enjoyable life. Fallen are angels who mated with mortals and were stripped of their wings and forced to drink blood for sustenance. But here is Adrian who's been with every mortal woman with Shadoe's soul since the dawn of time, and he still has his wings?!

Adrian is indecisive and he proves to be a possessive hypocrite, - the qualities which DID NOT endear me to him. Lindsey is a bit better, but I wasn't sold on her as well, she didn't feel like a solid vivid character, although we were constantly told how good she was.

Lycans were interesting, so as Fallen Angels and even surrounding Adrian Sentinels. I guess it's just this particular couple which failed to draw me in.

The end left the door wide open to many possibilities and I kind of liked it.

Verdict: I would read the sequel, but the book didn't live up to its potential. It felt like pure paranormal romance instead of a balance between UF and PR I like.
So far, Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh is still my perfect angels book.
However, I think fans of Gena Showalter, J.R.Ward and Lara Adrian will like A Touch of Crimson much more than me :)