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Hunted By The Others

Hunted By The Others - Jess Haines 4.5/5
I almost missed these wonderful UF series, and I have no excuse why. So when this book was offered as a freebie on Amazon, of course I went and got it.

People, let me be frank. This is very good stuff. Funny, very easy to read, the characters are extremely likable. Royce and Chaz... yum! Some of the passages made me nostalgic, reminding of early Anita Blake and Rachel Morgan.

Shiarra has this unexplainable fear of vampires, she starts off as neurotic with a healthy dose of self-preservation. In other words, she is not a tough bitch from Hell.

When she accepts the contract from a mage to find a powerful magical object, currently in vampire's possession, the girl knows she is in trouble up to her neck. Everyone is gunning for the magical object and wants her out of the way. The magi connected to the contract drop dead and mutilated.

The world building is very interesting. The Others - vampires, werewolves and magi aka leeches, furballs and sparks came out after 9/11 to help people to rebuild, and since then have been accepted as citizens with full rights and a few perks. I can't wait to read more about it.

I love how Shiarra's fear for her friends and loved ones gives her courage to stand up for them and for herself, plus she receives a magical vampire hunter belt with the spirit of an old vampire hunter inside, which provides some funny dialogues and interesting supernatural abilities for her.

I had loads of fun with this book and despite my trouble with writing a decent review (there was a lot of bubbling! Pardon my excitement.) I hope I urged you enough to read the series and judge for yourself how good they are.
*feeling jittery*