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Wildefire - Karsten Knight 2.5/5
Now I know why the reviews on this book range from "fantastic" to "nearly did not finish".

This book had a potential. The idea is fresh and original, and there are moments of greatness here.

But the execution of this idea is terrible.

1.The violence is excessive and most of the time unnecessary although truth be said it goes well with what I know of the old pantheons of gods.

2. The writing and descriptions are overly complicated and especially improbable from the mouths of teenagers. Does any sixteen-year old talk like that? Also their actions and pranks are hard to believe into too. They act like adults, with freedom to which adults accustomed, - it just left me confused.

3. When I finished the book I really wanted to swear. There are too many things happening, too many plot lines left unfinished. It feels like the story tries to appeal to our habit for sensationalism.

All in all it's a mess, but a mess with a potential for greatness. Now you'd better decide for yourself what you think of it and I'll be curious to hear about it, but moi? I'll think long and hard before tackling the next book in series.