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War for the Oaks: A Novel

War for the Oaks - Emma Bull That was freaking amazing, and there are quite a few reasons why.
First of all, Emma Bull is one of the pioneers of urban fantasy. This book was written in 1987 and largely influenced the shaping of UF as it is today.

Secondly, this is about a musician getting stuck between two Courts of Fey. I can't tell you how I love stories about musicians or dancers in urban fantasy or any paranormal book. The tradition connecting any type of artist to fae is very old, and Emma Bull certainly used it very well. But she also actually was in few bands herself. How awesome is that? The woman certainly knew what she was writing about.

The story is just wonderful. There is love and death, and beautiful magic drawn from music and songs of Eddi and her band. Eddi is not a typical UF character. She is not super powerful and tough or brainless and angsty. She is wry and sharp and tries to do her best by her friends. And there are fabulous music choices and vintage clothes.

There is a curious character of Phouka, who guards Eddi day and night and calls her "my primrose". There are fabulous members of the band - Hedge and Willy Silver and Carla and Dan... There are fey looking like they just stepped out from The Labyrinth (hey, I liked that film!).

The ending made me teary-eyed, maybe because I was listening to Sailing to Byzantium by Lisa Gerrard, and it just became one profound experience.

Despite that it's not the best UF I've ever read it has this undeniable charm, something really wonderful that made a huge impression on me.