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Mistress of the Wind

Mistress of the Wind - Michelle Diener 3.5/5
I love books based on fairy tales, and Mistress of The Wind was not an exception. It's sweet, lovely and airy. There are no surprises and you don't have to guess how it ends. You just know.

I would have loved a different, deeper and more detailed story, but Michelle Diener preferred to stay true to the fairy tale format which left me pleased but hungry for more.

Bjorn is mostly a desire object of the book, and it's Astrid who we follow through her experiences and ordeals to get him back. She is curious and feisty and keeps thwarting everything and everyone who underestimates her because she is a young woman. Good on you, girl!

The best parts for me though were three women and four winds, especially Northern Wind who was my favorite character of the story.

I can not say much about the plot because anyone familiar with this story knows how it ends, but I am glad, Michelle plans this type of fairy tale retelling as a series, and I'll enjoy reading more. Recommended as a light, bookish snack to everyone.