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A Lady of Resources: A steampunk adventure novel (Magnificent Devices)

A Lady of Resources - Shelley Adina I remember really enjoying The Mopsies in the previous books of the series, so when I heard that A Lady of Resources was out I grabbed it pretty fast. And it was fun to read. Boisterous, action-driven and light fun.

Claire was still mentioned here, but the limelight was on Lizzie - one of the orphaned twins Lady Trevelyan adopted. Lizzie was all of sixteen, practically a grown girl, ready for her coming out and choosing her own path different from Claire's passions of a scientist and an inventor.

I could understand Lizzie and her desire to belong, but at the same time, after the grand adventures she lived through, her dreams of going to a finishing school in Switzerland and finding a husband were...well, trivial. Maggie and Claire certainly seemed to think so too.

It was hard to read about this growing divide between them, but have no fear, my dear reader! The splendid villain whom Lizzie accidentally uncovers and whose evil plot endangers the whole Britain will put that girl on the right track and reunite her with her family. Fancy that.

A nice read, great for younger teens who loved Untimed and Etiquette & Espionage.