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Ward Against Darkness (Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer)

Ward Against Darkness - Melanie Card I remember really enjoying the first book in this smashing fantasy series, and after a long wait I've been able to read the second one!

Imagine Celaena from Throne of Glass? Well, Celia was written way before her and is just as deadly. Only first time, Ward met her? She is dead, and he is performing her wake so she can say goodbye to her loved ones. The wake goes awry and Celia gets resurrected instead by a shocky and horrified necromancer.

After the couple's adventures in the previous book they are on the run from the bounty hunters, both injured and exhausted when they stumble out of the forest to a forgotten Goddess sanctuary (or so they think).

Before they know it, Ward assumes a mistaken identity and jumps from the frying pan to a fire, as he is now an apprentice-hopeful to a very powerful Innocroesti (Dark Necromancer). Add to it a Seer's servant approaching him for a task he can not refuse and the price for his failure a gruesome death, and poor Ward doesn't know where to turn and has to hope that his and Celia's mad scheme to disable Innocroesti somehow will work.

Melanie Card writes a proper dark fantasy, nothing is glossed over or washed out. I don't quite know why Entangled felt it necessary to call this series Teen or New Adult fiction, but no matter the label this is good, peeps. Recommended for the fans of Throne of Glass and Graceling.