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Afterlife - Naomi Clark 3.5/5
Actually, this is a very decent urban fantasy which reminded me of La Vida Vampire by Nancy Haddock.

Yasmin is a wraith who likes her peace and quiet, she is a bit antisocial actually and keeps a low profile which is a necessity in all her 600 years of living. She does ghost tours around Shoregrave so she won't get bored, has a buddy succubus and does a bidding of a crazy Lich Lord, an immortal unhinged necromancer.

She's got her routine of sucking the souls out of Revenants to keep her energy up and never hunts normal people when one night she sees a weird ghost of a girl which drags innocent people to Hell. Shocked and determined to stop her, Yasmin starts her investigation into this strange bloodthirsty spirit, acquiring a stubborn human private detective and a seductive ancient vampire as her partners in the process.

Of course there is more to it than it seems. Innocent girls get murdered in an ancient sacrifice, the great war is brewing in hell dimensions and her own Lich Lord it seems completely lost the plot...

Slightly unhinged, gory and sometimes pretty disgusting, funny and full of potential, - I say give Afterlife a go!