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Pax Britannia: Blood Royal

Blood Royal - Jonathan Green 3.5/5
Funny thing, I meat Jonathan Green on steampunk convention in Lincoln almost a year ago, where the books representation was almost abysmal, and he was kind enough to sign my copy for me.

Blood Royal feels like very entertaining serialized fiction about a Sherlock Holmes-like detective Ulysses Quicksilver. The world is fabulously mad and is being ruled by Britain, half of London is blocked by barricades and mutated, and Ulysses, a special agent of the Queen, is very good at investigating all sorts of criminal acts and conspiracies.

Oh, and he never travels anywhere without his butler. True gentleman.

Fun steampunk story which reminded me somehow of Hellboy. Mutant bee-people, genetic experiments, a conspiracy of epic proportions against Queen Victoria, Jack the Reaper, the mechanical killer, Rasputin, Russian ballet with werewolves and vampires, air travel, Mongolian khan and many other delightful adventures...

Thoroughly enjoyed and recommended despite the lack of more substantial world-building. Easy and light read.