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Bound (Mastered, #1)

Bound (Mastered, #1) - Lorelei James Holy hell! That was off the charts hot and a very good book to boot! Bound is my first foray into Lorelei James, and it's definitely not my last, peeps.

I am very, very picky with erotic romance, and this book ticked all my boxes for an exceptional story. Great characters, nice background story, an intricate balance of power on the edge of a razor blade as this was an erotic romance on the side of D and s relationship.

Amery Hardwick is a 28 year-old talented graphic designer, who struggles to keep her business afloat. It's been years since her last serious relationship, but that's about to change when she signs up for a self-defence class out of solidarity with her friend and meets sensei Ronin Black.

Ronin is an enigma. Partly Japanese, a talented martial arts master and a successful businessman he has his hands in a few pots but not many people know exactly what he does or who he is. He is very much Japanese culturally, 10 years older than Amery, and his difference in expressing himself and his feelings is mostly what creates such a violent clash with Amery.

He is also a celebrated master in shibari and kinbaku - the art of Japanese erotic bondage, and it was extremely interesting to see this aspect of D and s relationship being discussed. Even his name ronin was ironic, considering the origin of this art form.

The relationship was a turmoil, and it ended quite predictably for the first book in the series with a dramatic separation. Separation for many valid reasons, I add. I admired both Ronin and Amery, but at the same time, I could totally side with Amery's healthy instincts of self-preservation which made her draw back from the relationship.

A strong, addictive read with a wonderful insight into a different cultural background. I can't wait to read book #2, and recommend this to you wholeheartedly if you a fan of this genre.